10 fandom pumpkins

During Halloween everybody dresses up as their favourite characters from their favourite fandom but sometimes it’s hard to find the right parts to the costume and sometimes dressing up as one of these characters would literally be just wearing clothing. Yo7 know what’s easy to find pumpkins and knives.


Tips on how to decorate your desk for fall

Ahh… fall the season of pumpkin spice, changing colours and of course DIY’s. Today I’m going to show you how to spruce up your desk for this wonderful season. To start I’ll show you 3 tips then 3 DIYs that encorporate those tips.

^^ is a photo of my fall desk just for reference 

1.color scheme

The color scheme I chose was 

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White
  • Brown

I chose these  3 cuz the were more subtle and honestly I just wanted to encorporate yellow.

Some other options that would look nice are 

Yellow/red and orange/red 

2. Rustic 

The more rustic the more fall like. Try and encorporate wood and I even slightly distressed my K with sandpaper in order to achieve a more rustic look.

3.  Encorporate nature

 Encorporating nature is a great way to decorate for fall seeing as nature is what makes this season the season. You can encorporate nature by using sticks and pressed leaves 🍁.

DIY #1

What you’ll need:

And just wrap the yarn around the jar, place the sticks in and voila.

DIY #2 

Take the two main colours of you colour scheme then paint the lighter colour on as a base then using a sponge brush dab 🙅🏼the darker colour on the top leaving some of the lighter colour peaking through then frame it.

DIY #3 

This one is my personal favourite 

Basically press some leaves for a few days so that as they die they don’t shrivel the tie them fishing line or light coloured thread and hang on a stick .

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Why are goofy and Pluto so different 

Come on, we’ve all asked this. Why is goofy Mickey’s friend and Pluto just his pet? Well here’s the answer. It basically boils down to how they got there start. In the Disney world there are two types of characters Animals who act like regular animals and funny animals who wear clothing act like humans and can talk. The reason Disney used animals was because in black and white cartoons typically the eyes were white and in order for there to be contrast the face and body would have to be black so in order for it to not seem offensive they used animals.

Pluto got his first appearance in a short film called “Chain Gang” in the short film basically Mickey escapes from prison and the cops try to track him down by using Pluto. The next time Pluto appears is as Minnie’s dog where he tags along on a pique Nique where he is not Pluto he is rover. In 1932 Pluto became Mickey’s dog, got his name and later rose to popularity. Pluto has always only been Mickey’s pet.

Goofy made his Disney debut also in 1932 as dippy dog in the short film Mickey’s review. Goofy got his name changed in 1938/1939 and rose in popularity. 

Hope this was interesting.


The story behind Winnie The Pooh’s name.

The story of how the stuffed bear got his funny name is rather odd, it starts in Canada the year 1914 a young Harry colebuen is headed to war. The train he was on stops in white river. On a he platform there is a man selling a bear cub. “Not sketchy.” The man had killed the bears mother and Harry being a vet decided it was his duty to save the bear. Just reminding you Harry was on his way to fight in a war. So Harry bought the bear for 20 £. Seems like Harry got a steal only 20£ for a bear but your wrong with inflation Harry paid approximately 485£. Harry decided to name the bear Winnipeg after his home town, but that later got shortened to Winnie for obvious reasons. Winnie was a said to be a very smart bear being able to find things, track things and more. Winnie stayed home the troops as long as she could but when the troop was sent to the front lines in France Harry maid the decision to donate Winnie to the London zoo . So that’s how the Winnie part came to be but why “the pooh”?

     Well that’s kind of fuzzy but hang on, A.N. Millns brought his son Christopher robins to the zoo and conveniently he needed a name for his stuffed bear. Apparently Christopher loved Winnie and the zoo would even let in the cage to play with Winnie. So Christopher loved Winnie so much that he named his bear after her. For the actual pooh part there are two conflicting stories one says pooh was the name of a swan they met on vacation and the other one says that Winnie’s arms used to get stuck up in the are for weeks and when you blew to get them off it would make the noise pooh.

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The founder review 

This movie gave me all the feels. I had no idea the history of McDonald’s. This movie will blow your mind! Ray Kroc was not the founder and the McDonald’s brothers meant well.  This movie was so well done that I wanted to go get Mickey D’s after I watched it. (I finished watching it at 1:00 in the morning). This was so amazing you should definitely go watch it. It’s kind of like a documentary but way more interesting and captivating. It was interesting to me about how much it’s changed. Also can we talk about for a minute how cool the old McDonald’s looked. I give this movie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 ⭐️. Now what are you doing still here go watch this amaze balls movie.


Buddha Board REVIEW

I loved this it’s good for the environment, it’s not messy and it has a beautiful sleek design.

The only short falls of the product are that it dries too fast, mine is kinda small but you can get larger ones, the water compartment is way too small.

It’d be cool if you could get inserts that were different colours.

When I opened my there was a big mark accross the middle. 

I highly recommend this I love it so much. Coolest thing is To watch it dry in seconds.

– bubbles