It’s been a while

I’m super sorry! I haven’t posted in like a month but I have a good reason, me being the clutz I am dropped my laptop and now it’s broken so I’m writing the from my phone which also happens to be broken because I cracked it but I promise as soon as my laptop is fixed a new post will be up. Also I’m working on another site on wix, I recently had to make a website on wix for a school project and I LOVE IT so I decided to work on another site there but doughnut 🍩 worry I will post lithe same content here and there. So once again I am sooooo sorry but I’m working on lots of new projects and fun things I’m sure you guys will adore.


0ctober 2017 favourites

So October is over and I thought why not look back on it and think about all the things I loved and or was obsessed with so I did and here is that list! Also within 15 minutes of this going live I’m starting Rep week a whole 7 days devoted to taylor swift in honour of reputation coming out so stay tuned!

1. Secret clear gel antiperspirant and deodorant 

So this confused me at first but now I love it. Basically what it is, is a gel deodorant that comes out of the regular stick deodorant container but instead of being completely exposed there is a top on it with tiny holes and when you twist the bottom the gel comes through the little holes and it loooks so weird. Aside from this simply being fun it also works super well.

2. Large cardigans 

So I’ve seen this “trend” popping up more and more in fall OOTD posts and personally I love it they are just soo big and comfy like your wearing a hug , a very stylish hug if I might add.

3. Super girl

Whilst I am quite salty still about how season 2 end I couldn’t not include this on my favourites list because it literally provided me with the altimeter best OTP ever, Kara and man-el.

4. Ouat

Once upon a time season 6 came out on Netflix Th


Every Red and 1989 song rated

As most of  probably know I am a huge Swifty and in Honor of Taylor swift’s new album Reputation coming out in exactly 7 days I’m doing REP week so everyday this week I’m going to post something Taylor Swift related everyday. today I’m going to rate every song from red and 1989, enjoy!  ( side note i actually had never listened to a lot of the red songs for the first time #exposed)

you belong with me 9/10

mean 9/10

clean 9/10

love story 9/10

blank space 9/10

i dont wanna live forever 9/10

last christmas 9/10

picture to burn 9/10

time mcGraw 9/10

our song 9/10

wonderland 9/10

sweeter than fiction 8/10

begin again 8/10

the lucky one 8/10

everything has changed 8/10

new romantics 8/10

state of grace 8/10

22 8/10

safe and sound 8/10

girl at home 7/10

stay stay stay 7/10

style 7/10

mine 7/10

back to december 7/10

we are never getting back together 7/10

come back… be here 6/10

the moment i knew 4/10

starlight 4/10

sad beautiful tragic 3/10

holy ground 5/10

the last time  3/10



I almost do 6/10

I knew you were trouble 5/10

all too well 5/10

Red 1/10

treacherous 4/10

i know places 6/10

this love 4/10

how you get the girl 7/10

wildest dreams 5/10

bad blood 7/10

i wish you would 6/10

shake it off 6/10

out of the woods 6/10

the story of us 5/10

never grow ups 5/10

silent night 5/10

all you had to do was stay 3/10

change 2/10

the best day 2/10

forever an always 2/10

the way i loved you 2/10

you’re not sorry 3/10

tell me why 2/10

breath 2/10

white horse 5/10

hey stephen 5/10

fifteen 5/10

welcome to New York 4/10

fearless 4/10

speak now 4/10

dear john 4/10


enchanted 4/10

haunted 4/10

teardrops on my guitar 4/10


better than revenge 3/10

innocent 2/10

last kiss 3/10

long live 3/10

perfectly good heart 2/10

i’m only me when I’m with you 4/10

invisible 4/10

mary’s song 3/10

should’ve said no 5/10

stay beautiful 3/10

tied together with a smile 2/10

the outside 2/10

cold as you 3/10

a place in this world 2/10

santa baby 3/10

christmas must be something more 4/10

christmases when you were mine 4/10

invisible 4/10

white christmas 3/10


hope you enjoyed because i literally just listened to







DIY Pineapple Costume 

Pen Pineapple Apple pen costume time! Today imma show you how to make a super easy peasy lemon squeazy Pineapple Costume.


  • Yellow tee-shirt dress
  • Brown/black paint 
  • Green paper
  • Head band 


  1. On the tee-shirt dress paint a bunch of triangles in brown to give the illusion of the Pineapple.
  2. Glue the green paper to the head band in triangle so it looks like the spikes of a Pineapple.
  3. There you have it folks the easiest costume ever follow my blog to get an email update of the next two halloWEEK posts.

DIY Cactus Costume

Na, na , na, na, can’t touch this epic costume today I’m going to give you a tutorial on how to make a DIY Cactus Costume so enjoy!


  • Green baggy sweater
  • Brown or white pipe cleaners
  • Green pants 
  • Pink tule
  • Head band


  1. Attache the pipe cleaners to the sweater to make it loook like spikes
  2. Take your tulle and bunch it up then attach it to the head band to loook like a 🌸

Thanks for checking out this blog and follow my to to make sure you catch the rest of halloWEEK!


DIY Taylor Swift costume

Yay. Another post as I promised because I messed up you get two posts today. To make it even better I’m going to show you how to make 2 costumes that’s right a BFF costume. The new taylor and the old Taylor so, here we go!


  • Black leotard 
  • Black fur coat
  • Silver sparkle fabric


  • Start by cutting out the letters r-e-p with the silver sparkle fabric then glue them onto the front of the leotard


  • For makeup I’d use a bright red lip and a cat eye mascara.
  • For hair I’d make it damp not wet and apply lots of gel to slick it back. *if your hair isn’t naturally curly or wavy put your hair into tight braids then straighten the braids. After that make it damp then apply a thick layer of hair gel to slick it back.


  • Red and white striped  shirt with quarter length sleeves
  • Blue high waisted shorts
  • Red reds
  • Black bowler hat
  • Clip on bangs
  • Red lip stick


    • For the makeup do a red lip and winged eyeliner 
    • For the hair put it up in a pony and this one I think is cute if you don’t have bangs try clip ones.

    Thanks for checking out this post and enjoy make sure to follow my blog so you get updated on the rest of halloWEEK.


    DIY Grandma Costume 

    This is halloWEEK diy #2 of seven today I’m coming at you with a diy old lady costume.


    • Cat eye glasses
    • Very bright coloured eyeshadow 
    • Floral dress ( you can get it from the thrift store and the uglier the better)
    • Polo shirt or shirt with collar 
    • Sweater
    • Pantyhose 
    • Mary Janes
    • Pearls
    • Grey wig
    • Curlers
    • Cane 


    For the wig:

    Mkay so this may seem like a LOT of stuff but most of it can be assembled the night of but the one thing I’d do beforehand is put the curlers in a wig. 

    For the dress :

    First put on the pantyhose then the dress then the polo shirt and finally put on the sweater. Make sure that the collar is sticking out over the sweater.

    Finishing touches:

    To finish off your costume put on the wig wear some pearl earrings and necklace, to top it all off paint on some obnoxiously bright eyeshadow in excess and you’r basically done.

    Have fun follow my blog to updated on the next 5 halloWEEK posts.