Hydraulic press

I ( and my friend Rachel, shoutout to Rachel )have discovered something amazing…. welcome to the Saturday post where I share something new or cool I have discovered and today we are talikng about the hydraulic press videos on Instagram. These videos are so satisfying basically if you don’t know what it is a hydraulic press crushes stuff and I found an Instagram acc dedicated to videos of a hydraulic press crushing stuff. Oh boy is it satisfying to watch orbeez be squashed into tiny orbeez bits or a water bottle explode under pressure. Here is the Instagram handle: hydraulic_press_best

Hope you enjoy see on Tuesday for another post for more posts like this click the blog tab at the top of the page.

20 adorable animated Gifs 

Thx I had so much fun doing this one. Yes I am back I’m taking the week of Monday the fifth off just to give you a heads up and the new schedule is Tuesdays and Saturdays!!

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Worst types of friends


1. The loop

This friend is really annoying they never listen and the reason they are called “the loop” is because they will tell you an interesting story once then the next day the will tell it to you again… I know what your thinking like a vine right? WRONG these stories last much longer than six seconds and it’s not a Gif because that friend has sound.

2. Let’s  hang out

This friend is never happy just hanging out with you they always want to see if someone else wants to come over with you too. He/She is annoying because the ask you to hang out and when they get bored with you instead of making up an excuse for you to leave they simply add more friends into the equation. Honestly this person make me so angry.

3. Whiner the pooh

Whiner the pooh is (my bizarre play on words I replaced whinny with whiner because this person whines a lot) is the type of person who asks “what do you want to do-uh” constantly they are never okay with just hanging out. You must be doing something all the time . This person is often friend 2. And 2. And 3. Go hand in hand.

Oh gosh sorry for the short post but honestly I have really nice friends and can’t think of anyth 

Campfire hacks

If you have ever burned a marshmallow or accidentally exploded something well here are some tips for getting the most of your campfires.

1. Bannock

Bannock is a delicious pastry treat made from flower and some other ingredients but doesn’t always turn out. The hack my fAmity started to use a few years ago is we take the pilsbury dough croissant dough and wrap the dough around the stick you use to cook bannock the cook it on the fire . For the toppings my personal favourite is to drizzle brown sugar and cinnamon on top or spread jam on the divet that the stick was stuck through. Trust me you bannock purests it’s delicious.

2. Roasting Marshmallows

I don’t know about you but personally I enjoy my marshmallows golden brown not burnt to a crisp or pretty much raw so the trick is that I use of the marshmallow roasting sticks that you can auto rotate, Then I hold the marshmallow over top of the tip of the fire. For best results serve with chocolate and graham crackers.

3. Making hotdogs 

The trick to making a hotdog on the campfire in my opinion is to just stick it right in the flames then rotate as needed. The actual hotdog though can make a difference on the quality of your meal. I personally prefer smokies because they are more delicious then a regular hotdog and are more filling. If you choose took more of a sausage rather then a hotdog be careful at how close you put it on the fire because it might explode.

4. Grilled cheese.

This is super cool but kind of difficult to get right. It is possible to make a grilled cheese sandwich on the campfire if you purchase a special cooker thing as seen in the photo above. But to be honest it looks cooler than it works. It’s kind of hard to get the right temperature and you have to constantly check on the sandwich to make sure it isn’t burning.

5. The fire

If your camping trip has ever been ruined by a fire ban try investing in a portable gasoline fire pit. Not only does it allow you to leagally have a fire during a fire ban there are many other benefits like your clothing doesn’t smell like campfire for weeks after. Also you don’t have to worry about inhaling to much of the campfire smoke.

Hope you enjoyed this post I have some exciting news I just launched the bubbly wordz Instagram page so go check it out at bubblywordz so check it out leave some post requests and share with friends

– bubbly wordz 🗯


Beards. Some people love ’em some people hate ’em.

1. Goatee

 Goatees are one of less questionable beards but they do not work for everyone.
2. Soul patch 

There is nothing worse than a soul patch. They are the beard for men who have trouble growing facial hair.
3. Chin strap

 Chin strap most commonly accompanied by  a moustache is rather ugly but does work for certain face shapes.
4. Puberty beard

The “puberty” beard is really scraggly and looks like a teenage boy is trying to grow there first beard.
5. Hipster beard 

This one only works if accompanied by a handlebar moustache, glasses and a plaid shirt.
This post was super random but you know.

Love you guys 

❤️🗯 bubbly wordz

Summer 2017 trends.

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! And you need to know what you need to make the best of this summer. So here are a few things I’ve noticed are on HOT this season . #badpun 

1. Strapy leather sandals

I’ve noticed these showing up at stores more and more often and I’m digging it they are really nice and work great with most rompers dresses and shorts.

2. Cat ears

Honestly I love this trend so much and they are utterly adorable. I recommend getting your hands on a pair of these to complete your summer outfit.

3. Colourful patterned towels

My mom is addicted to buying decorative towels and I love them so much you can basically purchase them anywhere like Walmart old navy and even the grocery store.

4. Food floats

Weather it’s a pizza, donut or a watermelon if you bring a food pool float to a pool party you’ll be pretty popular.

5. Instagram watermelon dress.

The instagram watermelon dress is without a doubt the most hilarious trend on this list and certainly a most create for this summer.

10 bizzare instagram trends

Instagram is a weird and wonderful place but it’s safe to say some people can use a lot of effort trying to perfect their insta feed. Sometimes someone creates a questionable trend so without farther ado here are 10 odd instagram hacks.

1. Fluffy lip

2. Glitter beard

3. Coloured mascara 

4. Glitter cheeks

5. Toilet paper lip

6. Galaxy slime 

7. Rainbow prism

8. Metallic drip lip

9. Clown contours 

10. Feather eyebrow 

Some of those were it’s but others were misses . Honestly instagram is a weird place but comment if I missed any trends

❤️ bubbly wordz🗯

5 summer birthday party ideas

Hello guys it’s summer and I’m unlucky and have a B-day in January but this post is for all you with summer birthdays. Also I am starting my summer schedule witch is Monday Wednesday and Friday. Hope you enjoy this post and let me know if it was helpful. 

1. Go on a hike.

Going on a hike is a wonderful birthday idea because it gets you active and takes up a significant amount of time. I wouldn’t recommend this one for kids under 10.

2. Amusement park 

This party is perfect for summer because many local amusement parks open up. Well it might be a costly party I’d recommend not inviting more than 5 people.

3. Truth or dare

This party isn’t quite what you’d think instead of the traditional truth or dare you would put dares amd truths in a jar and the truths are easy but the dares are quit extreme and very gross. This one you can get creative with think of really gross dares but don’t let anyone even the birthday girl/boy know what they are.

4. Water slides

Going to the water slides is something you need to be careful about the weather but it’s so fun and a great way to hang with friends.

5. Scavenger hunt

Going on a scavenger hunt Can be a bit of work to set up but super duper fun.

Have a nice summer 

– bubbly wordz 🗯

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