5 summer birthday party ideas

Hello guys it’s summer and I’m unlucky and have a B-day in January but this post is for all you with summer birthdays. Also I am starting my summer schedule witch is Monday Wednesday and Friday. Hope you enjoy this post and let me know if it was helpful. 

1. Go on a hike.

Going on a hike is a wonderful birthday idea because it gets you active and takes up a significant amount of time. I wouldn’t recommend this one for kids under 10.

2. Amusement park 

This party is perfect for summer because many local amusement parks open up. Well it might be a costly party I’d recommend not inviting more than 5 people.

3. Truth or dare

This party isn’t quite what you’d think instead of the traditional truth or dare you would put dares amd truths in a jar and the truths are easy but the dares are quit extreme and very gross. This one you can get creative with think of really gross dares but don’t let anyone even the birthday girl/boy know what they are.

4. Water slides

Going to the water slides is something you need to be careful about the weather but it’s so fun and a great way to hang with friends.

5. Scavenger hunt

Going on a scavenger hunt Can be a bit of work to set up but super duper fun.

Have a nice summer 

– bubbly wordz 🗯


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