Summer 2017 trends.

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! And you need to know what you need to make the best of this summer. So here are a few things I’ve noticed are on HOT this season . #badpun 

1. Strapy leather sandals

I’ve noticed these showing up at stores more and more often and I’m digging it they are really nice and work great with most rompers dresses and shorts.

2. Cat ears

Honestly I love this trend so much and they are utterly adorable. I recommend getting your hands on a pair of these to complete your summer outfit.

3. Colourful patterned towels

My mom is addicted to buying decorative towels and I love them so much you can basically purchase them anywhere like Walmart old navy and even the grocery store.

4. Food floats

Weather it’s a pizza, donut or a watermelon if you bring a food pool float to a pool party you’ll be pretty popular.

5. Instagram watermelon dress.

The instagram watermelon dress is without a doubt the most hilarious trend on this list and certainly a most create for this summer.


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