Beards. Some people love ’em some people hate ’em.

1. Goatee

 Goatees are one of less questionable beards but they do not work for everyone.
2. Soul patch 

There is nothing worse than a soul patch. They are the beard for men who have trouble growing facial hair.
3. Chin strap

 Chin strap most commonly accompanied by  a moustache is rather ugly but does work for certain face shapes.
4. Puberty beard

The “puberty” beard is really scraggly and looks like a teenage boy is trying to grow there first beard.
5. Hipster beard 

This one only works if accompanied by a handlebar moustache, glasses and a plaid shirt.
This post was super random but you know.

Love you guys 

❤️🗯 bubbly wordz


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