School stories

It’s back to school season and the first BTS post imma do is teacher stories . We are going to start young then work our way up to older but to be honest most of these stories are pretty recent.

To preface this story the group of kids I was with through most of school (so far) were angels literal angels. Substitute teachers would be worried sometimes because once my class was given a task we would get right to it and we could honestly sit and work for like two hours straight.

The first story I’m going to tell is about one of my math/French teachers now the problem with being in the French program was that the options for teachers was limited to say the least and to be honest the majority of the teachers were great but there are always that select few that are only there for the money or could care less about you. Now this teacher really did not give a care. Everyone disliked them .(for the sake of her not being able to track me down we will call her mrs. Primary. ) She was not a bad person out of class which puzzeled me. It was weird like in class she would be very not welcoming and out side she would act like I wasn’t even in her class. The way she taught was old fashioned in my opinion. I mentioned previously my class was angels. There was little to no drama and most of us worked really hard and handed in homework. Mrs. Primary seemed to think otherwise. I honestly feel like she thought we were all idiots because she would literally do our work for us. She had the smallest attention span also like for my class we were used to doing the same thing for 1-2 hours and she would only let us work on it for like 10-20 minutes at a time then give us homework. And don’t even get me started on how she used the homework board WRONG.

WOW that was long! We have the space for one more…

Now this one really drove me crazy… in French we have these things called billets it means ticket. Basically what it is is a system of rewards for speaking French. How the tickets of this particular year worked was as follows , if you caught someone speaking in English you had to correct them using the correct French terminology and then said person you corrected would have to give you a ticket. Each month the tickets could be exchanged in the classroom store for trinkets.(I usually had the most.) this all seems relatively simple. It was until somebody started stealing them from people’s desks. So naturally when me and my friendos found out about the thief we decided to investigate. We failed . To this day we still have no idea who the thief was it’s rumoured to be someone who moved away the following year, but for real if you were the ticket thief just fess up no one cares any more.

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The story behind Winnie The Pooh’s name.

The story of how the stuffed bear got his funny name is rather odd, it starts in Canada the year 1914 a young Harry colebuen is headed to war. The train he was on stops in white river. On a he platform there is a man selling a bear cub. “Not sketchy.” The man had killed the bears mother and Harry being a vet decided it was his duty to save the bear. Just reminding you Harry was on his way to fight in a war. So Harry bought the bear for 20 £. Seems like Harry got a steal only 20£ for a bear but your wrong with inflation Harry paid approximately 485£. Harry decided to name the bear Winnipeg after his home town, but that later got shortened to Winnie for obvious reasons. Winnie was a said to be a very smart bear being able to find things, track things and more. Winnie stayed home the troops as long as she could but when the troop was sent to the front lines in France Harry maid the decision to donate Winnie to the London zoo . So that’s how the Winnie part came to be but why “the pooh”?

     Well that’s kind of fuzzy but hang on, A.N. Millns brought his son Christopher robins to the zoo and conveniently he needed a name for his stuffed bear. Apparently Christopher loved Winnie and the zoo would even let in the cage to play with Winnie. So Christopher loved Winnie so much that he named his bear after her. For the actual pooh part there are two conflicting stories one says pooh was the name of a swan they met on vacation and the other one says that Winnie’s arms used to get stuck up in the are for weeks and when you blew to get them off it would make the noise pooh.

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The founder review 

This movie gave me all the feels. I had no idea the history of McDonald’s. This movie will blow your mind! Ray Kroc was not the founder and the McDonald’s brothers meant well.  This movie was so well done that I wanted to go get Mickey D’s after I watched it. (I finished watching it at 1:00 in the morning). This was so amazing you should definitely go watch it. It’s kind of like a documentary but way more interesting and captivating. It was interesting to me about how much it’s changed. Also can we talk about for a minute how cool the old McDonald’s looked. I give this movie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 ⭐️. Now what are you doing still here go watch this amaze balls movie.

Buddha Board REVIEW

I loved this it’s good for the environment, it’s not messy and it has a beautiful sleek design.

The only short falls of the product are that it dries too fast, mine is kinda small but you can get larger ones, the water compartment is way too small.

It’d be cool if you could get inserts that were different colours.

When I opened my there was a big mark accross the middle. 

I highly recommend this I love it so much. Coolest thing is To watch it dry in seconds.

– bubbles 

10 hidden Easter eggs in look what you made me do

Taylor Swift just dropped her first music video in a long time and I thought if I’m gonna watch it 2 billion times might as well bring it to good use am I right. Here’s what I noticed.

As zombie taylor is burying Taylor Swift from the met gala you can see a tomb stone that says “here lies taylor swift’s reputation obviously a reference to the upcoming album being released in November. It is safe to say it’s probably also an Easter egg to how her good girl reputation basically crumbled last year.

During the scene mentioned above there is also a tomb stone that reads , ‘nils sjoberg’ that is the pseudonym that taylor used to co-write this is what you came for with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris . Probably because that relationship is dead so dead it’s probably already started to decay.

The credit for this one goes to Brooke from French Toast Posts (don’t worry she’s still alive and they are coming back soon, hopefully) on the throne T. Swizzle is sitting on a golden throne surrounded by snakes on the Armrest of said throne the words “es to brute” are inscribed. Es tu brute was what Caesar uttered before being stabbed in the back was Caesar’s . Taylor is no stranger to being stabbed in the back by friends and enemies.

4. Junior Jewels 

In the you belong with me music video taylor sports a t shirt saying “junior jewels” in the behind the scenes video for that we learn it’s not just a prop it belongs to a cast member and it’s an authentic band t shirt. This meaning taylor does not use the same t shirt also on the shirt it now has the names of the members of her squad.

5.  Katy Kat

In one scene taylor is crashing into a post with a mozzarati and she is wearing cheetah print with a cheetah in the car. This scene is full of  reference and moments that throw shad at Katy. She totally looks like Katy in the scene. Could she be holding the Grammy to shade Katy for the fact that taylor has won 10 Katy has won 0.

6. Hiddleswift

In one scene Swift is being followed by an entourage of men wearing I ❤️ TS crop tops . This one might be a reference to how tom Hiddleston her ex wore a similar t shirt to her 4th of July party and got a lot of backlash.

7. 1$ 

In the scene where Tay is in a bathtub full of jewels, well along with jewels there was a 1$ bill in that bathtub . This is believed to be a refence to the lawsuit taylor just won where she was given a whole dollar.

8. Snakes

Now this one is obviously talking about swifts feud with Kimye AKA. all anyone talked about in 2016.

9. Streaming

It’s no secret taylor has been battling with Spotify and Apple Music for some time in one scene taylor is seen wearing a cat mask robbing the vault of somewhere. If you look closely you can see that the company taylor is stealing from is named streaming co.

10. VMAS

At the end of the video we see many old Taylor’s but one notable Taylor we see is taylor from the vmas 2009 and she says “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. She said something similar after Kanye jumped up on the stage and insulted her.

Hope all you swifty’s liked this

Reaction to look what you made me do

OMG , OMG OH EM GEE! It’s here it’s finally here. Taylor Swift has just recently released her new single “look what you made me do” and I am speechless! This is the best song I’ve ever heard ever! The music video was amazing! Don’t know what to do with myself I’m just so happy! I’m so happy that I finally took the time to change the fandom of the week! 😉 that’s right it’s swifty now. Can’t wait for November 10th and can we talk about that cover art. It is so cool. I think it’s safe to say this album is going to be nothing like the others to quote taylor:

 the old taylor can’t come to the phone right now why? Oh, cause she’s dead.

Historically accurate Disney princesses

Disney princesses can be apart of some of your favourite childhood memories and many young girls (and boys) love the princesses because of their elegant dresses, touching stories and incredible animation but what would the Disney princesses look like if they dress like the royals of their region and era?

The first princess or rather queen is Elsa from the movie frozen, this movie takes place sometime around the 1840s in a fictional land of arendelle (based on the real life place in Norway arendel) southwest from the Norwegian capital. 

 below is a comparison of elsa’s coronation dress to the dress of a 1840s Norwegian monarch.

There are not many similarities but they seem to be going for a different look also I couldn’t find any young Norwegian monarchs so this was the best I could do. The biggest similarity is the dark colour scale. Here is a picture of an historically accurate Elsa.

If you look up Norwegian queens in the 1840s you will see how the clothing resembles what is in the movie but is ultimately very different from the fashion sported by Elsa and Anna. The traditional clothing of that era seems to be more dropped shoulders and puffy dresses. Which do you like better the original Elsa or the historically accurate version.

The movie tangled was a hilarious take on the fairytale rapunzel which is set in Germany sometime in the 1840’s (could rapunzel and frozen be connected?) so let’s see the differences between standard German royal fashion of the 1840’s  and rapunzel.

If you really look at them and compare they are quite similar to one another, like the tight waste off the shoulder sleeve and loose bottom good job Disney good job.

Well it took a hike to research I couldn’t find an exact date but what most things said were around 10th century Scotland so that’s pretty broad but below is an artist rendering of the fashion of royalty back then and Merida from brave.

Not many similarities but they could be from different regions and the big difference seems to be the tightness of the 

Ariel was a mermaid so you can’t really make that historically accurate but when she was on land and had no voice. [does anyone else hate the story of the little mermaid] anyway the little mermaid is set in denmark 1850’s .

Alright this one was spot on I mean check out all those similarities the slightly off the shoulder the 3/4 sleeves the puffyness the story may be horrible but they did a good job of researching the proper outfits.

Cinderella is set in France in the 1690’s but it’s kinda fuzzy if that’s exact so let’s take a look at the similarities and differences of the historic version.

Well no no no they’re both blue atleast. ( also not a fan of this one)
So as you can see the outfits are similar but the Disney versions look o be more tightly fitting prettier girlyer versions of the actual dresses . Hope you enjoyed and learned something.


Hydraulic press

I ( and my friend Rachel, shoutout to Rachel )have discovered something amazing…. welcome to the Saturday post where I share something new or cool I have discovered and today we are talikng about the hydraulic press videos on Instagram. These videos are so satisfying basically if you don’t know what it is a hydraulic press crushes stuff and I found an Instagram acc dedicated to videos of a hydraulic press crushing stuff. Oh boy is it satisfying to watch orbeez be squashed into tiny orbeez bits or a water bottle explode under pressure. Here is the Instagram handle: hydraulic_press_best

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